Student Leadership

At West Vale Academy, we provide opportunities for our pupils to become student leaders. This allows our pupils, from Reception to Year 6, to develop wider responsibilities. We empower our pupils to take on different roles linked to the curriculum and our school values as we believe it is an essential part of building our school community where students know their voice is known and heard. The roles create a platform for our pupils to build their leadership skills and positively impact the school and the wider community.


Head Boy and Head Girl 

Each year  our year 6 children put themselves forward to be elected as head boy or head girl. The children prepare speeches and then the school children vote. We are keen to support the children’s understanding of the British Value of ‘democracy’. Once elected our head boy and head girl lead our student council and often will take visitors on guided tours around school.


House Captains 

All children at West Vale Academy are placed in a coloured house linked to the surrounding areas. Red team is ‘Rochdale’, Blue team is ‘Saddleworth’, Green team is Calder and Yellow team is Stainland. In the Autumn term, our Year 6 pupils are able to put themselves forward to be house captains, they prepare a short speech on why they would be suitable and again the school votes on the child they would like to represent their team. The children who are responsible for collecting their ‘team points’ which are given to children for fabulous behaviour, work and effort.


A group of children are elected as librarians to support in our KS1 and KS2 libraries. These children are able to scan books out and in for children and also recommend various books and genres.

School Council 

A school council member is elected from each year group, these children meet monthly lead by the ‘Head Boy’ and ‘Head Girl’ to arrange fundraising events for charity, address any issues that have been brought to their attention and discuss any events they would like to lead.


Play Leaders

We have play leaders who support our reception and year one children at lunchtimes by leading structured games.

Eco Monitors 

We are keen to teach our children about sustainability and looking after our planet, we have a dedicated team of ‘Eco Monitors’ who check the use of electricity across school, check paper is being correctly recycled and also monitor our carbon dioxide levels. The children give each class a daily score which is then amalgamated into a weekly score which is discussed on our Friday assembly.

Class Ambassadors 

Each class has an ambassador who will discuss the learning with visitors when they enter their classroom and answer any questions visitors may ask.

Phunky Foods Ambassadors 

We value the importance of healthy lifestyles and healthy eating at West Vale Academy. We have a group of ‘Phunky Foods Ambassadors’ who lead assemblies and initiatives to encourage healthy lifestyle choices and eating habits.