Extra Curricular Clubs

The extensive range of extra-curricular activities offered to pupils continues to be a real success of our school. Our children have the opportunity to
take part in a range of clubs before and after school like choir, nature, homework, art, tag rugby, lego, archery, rounders, gymnastics and judo.

Sporting Activities 

Pupils at West Vale Academy participate in a wide range of sports both within the curriculum and as extra-curricular clubs. We recognise that sport should be enjoyed by children at every level, but we also appreciate the value of nurturing a natural and friendly competitive spirit in our children. As part of the PE curriculum in Key Stage 2, our children enjoy attending swimming lessons.

Music Lessons 

We are proud to work in partnership with Calderdale music to offer music lessons including the flute, recorder, trumpet and saxophone. Our current Y2/3 class are also enjoying the opportunity to learn the ukulele

Forest Schools

West Vale Academy is proud to offer forest schools as part of our curriculum offer in Key Stage 2. Children are taught to safely use tools, build a shelter, cook on a fire, as well as  developing our school values of endeavour, courage and resilience.