Our Classes


At West Vale Academy the children are organised into mixed year groups. We have created a bespoke curriculum for each year group to ensure full coverage of ‘The National Curriculum’ objectives and progression of skills.

Our Classes

  • Mrs Midgley is the teacher for Reception and Year 1 – Attenborough
  • Mr Baker is the teacher for Year 2/3- Hawking
  • Mrs Akroyd and Mr Ward are the teachers for Year 4/5 – Ennis- Hill
  • Miss Vincent is the teacher in Year 5/6 – Luther-King


Mrs E Burgin – Learning Support & Wellbeing Mentor

Office Staff:

Mrs N Broadbent – School Administrator

Site Manager:

Mr P Costello – Site Manager
Mr A Kay – Caretaker

Kitchen staff:

Miss A Beevers
Mrs A Emmott

School Teams

The children are placed into a team when they join school. The teams are:

Calder Stainland Saddleworth Rochdale

Every year the children vote to select Captains and Vice-Captains for their House Teams.

Meet The Team:

Our Staff


Principal: Miss L Horsfall
Vice Principal & SENCo: Mrs C Akroyd

Personal Development : Miss J Vincent

Curriculum Responsibility

Miss L Horsfall – Phonics, Art & DT, Assessment, ECT Mentor
Mrs C Akroyd – SEND, Pupil Premium, Maths, Science
Mrs Midgley – PE and RE
Mr A Baker – Computing, Music, History
Miss J Vincent – English, PSHE, Geography, Wellbeing, ECT Mentor


Luther-King: Miss Vincent
Ennis-Hill: Mrs Akroyd & Mr Ward
Hawking: Mr Baker
Attenborough: Mrs Midgley

Sports Co-Ordinator (Thursday & Friday)- Mr Sargerson

Support Staff:

Mrs S Lynch

Miss T Holden

Mrs Hemsworth

Mrs L Clarke

Mrs A Barnes

Miss L Oldfield

Mrs M Moses

Miss D Kelliher

Miss H Bird-Metcalfe

Lunchtime supervisors:

Mrs J Bean
Miss L Oldfield
Miss D Kelliher
Miss H Bird-Metcalfe
Miss S McNamee

Out of School Club staff:

Mrs A Emmott
Miss A Beevers
Mrs J Bean

Always in our memory:

Remembering with a smile our wonderful Mrs Warner. Her humour, warmth and love will be with us always.
We are blessed to have known, worked and been educated by her. An inspiration to us all and a true friend of West Vale.